Luke Addington, MA, LPC – psychotherapist, life-coach and healing-arts educator with over 25 years experience, including over 18 years in Boulder, Colorado.
specializing in problems with:
– relationships & communication
– stress & self-esteem
– anxiety & trauma
– family & children
– work & career
I integrate traditional and non-traditional forms of counseling, coaching and healing-arts modalities. I am passionate about supporting people to discover new possibilities and solutions to the obstacles that keep them from more joy and fulfillment. I have a very grounded approach in that I help people discover and implement concrete steps to achieve their goals. I want to empower people to become their own best expert on themselves and what it will take to improve their lives. I have a vast array of skills that have been researched and proven to be effective in improving a wide range of life’s problems. I see myself as merely providing the roadmap and presence for people to discover the capacity and presence within themselves to achieve all of their life-goals. (For credentials and contact information – see below.)
Current classes:

Embodied Sacred Sexuality – Monthly Saturday Playshops through May, 2012

Learn to catalyze your creative-potential through an embodied approach to Sacred Sexuality, as we explore through emotional intimacy, energy, sexual-mastery, and movement practices how to own our sexual power. The first four classes will build in complexity each month, but can be taken individually if desired. There will be no nudity or sexual acts in the class. Singles and couples welcome.

Class 1) Introduction to Embodied Sacred Sexuality – January 28th, 2 to 5pm- receive an introduction to an embodied approach to sacred sexuality as we explore through emotional intimacy, energy, and embodiment practices what it means to own our sexual power.

Class 2) Discovering the Beloved in Self and Other – February 25th, 2 to 5pm- discover the Beloved in yourself and your partner as we explore self-loving through emotional intimacy, energy, and embodiment practices.

Class 3) Embodying the Authentic Masculine and Feminine – March 24th, 2 to 5pm- despite our gender identity, we all have aspects of the feminine and masculine within us. Play with aspects of these energies through the embodiment of archetypal energies through theatrical role-plays and embodiment exercises.

Class 4) Reinventing Sexual Mythology- April 28th, 2 to 5pm – through the exploration of our personal, familial, and cultural sexual mythology, we reinvent our personal sexual mythology, creating access to sexual, emotional, relational, and personal empowerment.

Class 5/ group celebration) Tantra Puja and Dance Party – May 19th, 7 to 11pm- come play with the emotional intimacy and energy skills we have learned in a tantra puja ceremony and dance party.

$120 for series: 1/28, 2/25, 3/24, and 4/28, at @$25 and 5/12/12 @$30 Sliding scale available.

Rebecca Finnoff MA 303-521-8059, rebecca.finnoff(at)

Luke Addington MA 303-917-5404, addingtonluke77(at)

At the Higher Alignment Office, 2945 Center Green Ct, Unit E (door opens onto street), Boulder, 80301

Experience and credentials:
I have been a practicing psychotherapist in both private practice and various clinical settings since 1993; a practicing life-coach since 1999; and a teacher of workshops on stress-management, dance therapy and other healing-arts modalities since 1986. I certified in DBT’s (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Intensive Training in 2010; certified in Colorado Mental Health Disaster Response in 2007; am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado since 2005; certified as a NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) White-Belt Instructor in 2004; received a Masters of Arts degree in Somatic Psychology: Dance/ Movement Therapy from Naropa University in 2001; certified as a Master Coach/ Facilitator in the Higher Alignment Process of Creating Enlightened Relationships and Authentic Life-Work in 1999; certified in Emotional Freedom Technique in 1999; certified in Total Neural Integration in 1999; certified in Body-Mind Psychology and Patterning Touch from Body-Mind Systems (based on Body-Mind Centering) in 1997; and received a Bachelors of Arts degree in InterArts, Concentration in Dance Therapy from Naropa University in 1995. (For some of my previous workshops- see “coaching” and “healing arts” sections)
I offer free phone consultations for prospective clients and free in-service trainings for groups of health-care providers, so please call with any questions or just to discuss if my services are right for you! I accept most private insurances and offer a sliding scale.
Contact information:
2769 Iris, Suite 108
Boulder, CO 80301
business and cell: 303-917-4504
home office and messages: 303-444-3952
Phone calls receive quicker responses than e-mails.
E-mail me if you would like monthly announcements about classes.