I have been doing coaching with individuals, couples, groups, families, teens, pre-teens and organizations since 1999. I am a certified Master Coach/ Facilitator in the Higher Alignment Process of Creating Enlightened Relationships and Authentic Life-Work. The main differences between coaching and therapy are that coaching is more directive and time-limited than therapy. As a coach, I give specific recommendations and coaching is complete when a client’s goals are achieved. (For “life-work coaching,” “organizational coaching” and “previous coaching classes”- see below.)
    I give concrete steps to achieve your goals around relationships, work, organizations and more!
    Relationship coaching provides a comprehensive road-map to understand and improve any and all relationship issues that individuals and couples experience. Most clients use this work to improve their intimate relationships, but coaching is really about improving the relationship with ourselves so that we can be more effective in all our relationships: intimate, family, community and business. I focus on three main areas in relationship coaching: understanding people’s differences and uncomfortable similarities; improving our skills to be more effective with people who are different; and aligning with our own and other’s creative strengths and contributions, so that our relationships are focused on the areas that we’re passionate about (instead of focused on areas of conflict). This helps create relationships that give us more energy, not drain us! 
    Intuitive readings of the energy emanating from people’s eyes (including pictures) helps me to identify and differentiate people’s personality fears and desires from what their more natural creative contributions are. This ability to read different aspects of people’s personalities is not a trick, as I’ve trained hundreds of people to see these same qualities in others. My intuitions are simply a starting point for my clients to begin to understand the various ways that people interact, but clients confirm for themselves whether or not these things are true in their own experience. Most people report these intuitive guidelines help coaching sessions go right to the heart of the manner and save them a lot of time, energy and money.
    Differences and uncomfortable similarities are initially the areas that clients often want to focus on the most, as they are the areas often causing the most pain in their relationships. These are also the areas that can often improve the quickest once we understand them. The more different that we are with someone else, the more we have to use our skills and our alignment on the creative level to off-set these difference. Similarities pose their own challenges: it is often difficult for us to accept people’s qualities that are similar to our own as this would require us to also love and accept those parts in ourselves! My goal is to help people create great relationships with anyone and everyone in their lives!
    Relationship skills can often take a little longer to change, but have the potential to make a huge improvement on the quality of our relationships. Three of the most common skills that I work with clients on are autonomy, intimacy and creativity. Autonomy requires us to communicate what our needs are in the most harmless way we can, including taking responsibility for getting those needs met ourselves. Intimacy is the ability to stay open and heart-connected with ourselves and others, even during life’s most difficult times and conversations. Creativity requires us to combine autonomy and intimacy: finding a way to get our own needs met at the same time that we stay connected with another, whose needs may seem totally incompatible with our own needs! Coaching can expand our skills and creativity to think outside the box in finding relationship solutions!
    Creative contributions are those unique characteristics within each of us that others benefit from when we’re just being ourselves! We sometimes believe that it is the activities that we do for others that most adds value to their lives. But it is actually our natural state of “beingness” that others most want to get to know, and that we most want others to appreciate about us. Doing activities that helps bring out this creative state of ease and flow with the important people in our lives is a great start. But learning to create that state of flow where-ever we are, when-ever we choose and with who-ever is in front of us is the true challenge of relationships! Clients learn to radiate their own creative presence at the same time as they truly take in and receive others creative essence, facilitating more flow in all of our relationships! Coaching can help identify our own unique creative contributions and uplift our relationships to connect with people in this ultimately more satisfying state of presence.
    Life-work coaching uses many of the same principles above (see “intuitive readings” and “creative contributions”), but it is focused on manifesting work or careers that are rewarding and fulfilling to us as individuals, including financially. I help clients identify and expand three main areas of life-work: our creative presence (see above), our natural creative contributions (what we most love to do when we’re just being ourselves) and our constituents (the people who pay us to be ourselves and do what we most love!). We often have false and limiting beliefs that we can’t be financially supported for doing what we most love. But as we expand these three areas of our life-work, we learn to use any two of them to triangulate and build the third area also! Coaching offers concrete steps to help us feel more satisfied in our present and future work! 
    Organizational coaching uses many of the same principles above (see “differences and uncomfortable similarities” and “relationship skills”), but is focused on building more effective business teams. I teach teams to better get along with other team-members, including improved
    communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and more. Teams learn how to best use the unique creative strengths of their team-members and to minimize any potential problem-areas of individual members or between members. By building on the unique strengths of each team-member, companies can be more productive, increase job satisfaction, and recruit and keep the most effective members for their unique business needs.
    Previous coaching classes: I have over 2,000 hours experience teaching classes across Colorado’s front range, including: Roadmap to Creating Spiritual Partnerships; Secrets of Conscious and Creative Relationships; Creative Uniqueness: Understanding Differences and Uncomfortable Similarities; Dancing with Romance: Uplifting Attractions, Motives and the Four Levels of Relationships; Twelve Skills to Transform our Relationships; Common Neutral Ground: Advanced Communication and Boundary Practices; Inner Seeing: Increasing our Intuitive Capacity; Playfulness, Paradox and Mutual Learning; Coach/Facilitator Trainings; Compatibility Tours; Enlightened Dating; Conflict Resolution; as a speaker at local businesses; as a guest speaker at the University of Colorado; as a guest speaker on local radio and TV programs and more.