I have been teaching various healing- arts classes since 1986 and currently integrate these modalities in courses on stress management, Life Tantra*, The Art of Healing, Wellness Through Movement and others. I focus on the healing aspects of each modality, though many of these modalities could also be considered body-work, body-mind practices, mindfulness practices, meditation practices, or energy medicine.
I teach skills to heal yourself, increase or stabilize your energy level, and improve your quality of life!
Do-In (meridian massage and movement practices) is an ancient healing-arts form that developed into a No-Move form and a Movement form that became the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Shiatsu and other practices. I’ve been facilitating individual meridian massage sessions and teaching classes on Self-Massage for Stress Management since 1986. I’ve integrated the breath-work, meditation, energy work and movement aspects of Do-In in my Meridian Stretch and Movement classes since 1989. Do-In groups may look similar to Yoga classes, but are more aligned to Qigong in their focus on using massage and movement to balance the body’s energy meridian system.  
Stress-management mindfulness and relaxation techniques have been proven to turn off our nervous system’s stress response and reduce unwanted behavioral patterns. I’ve been teaching Kundalini Yoga’s Seven Chakras, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and transmission meditations since 1988. I’ve taught Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Creative Visualization, Samatha Vipassana Meditation, Tonglen MeditationFocusing and other techniques since 1993. I’ve presented stress management in many settings, including: individuals and groups in private practice and various clinical settings; clinical trainings on Understanding the Body’s Response to Stress and Implications for Treatment; and non-clinical training for organizations (including with management teams, office workers, factory workers, bank employees and others). For more on mindfulness- see “counseling” and “about Luke.”
Dance/Movement Therapy is a fun and powerful way to discover and expand our potential for self-healing and wellness. It doesn’t require any previous dance experience, instead I focus on building our body’s natural healing power to become more healthy and happy. We embody and change unwanted behavioral patterns, including practicing more fulfilling ways of moving and being in the world. I have taught Dance Therapy with a wide variety of ages and populations since 1993, including trainings on: Total Self Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit; Creative Rites of Passage; Embodying the Authentic Masculine and FeminineNIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) Aerobic Dance; and as a Movement Department Instructor at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. (For more on Dance/ Movement Therapy- see “counseling.”) 
Men’s work focuses on issues unique to men, including: open-hearted connections and communications, embodying masculine power, and building and extending men’s sexual virility. I’ve facilitated a weekly men’s group at Naropa University, men’s groups at a homeless shelter, workshops on Non-Violent Communication and weekend trainings with the Mankind Project (formerly New Warrior) at which I facilitated Gestalt, Psychodrama, Drama Therapy, and Movement Therapy groups from 1993- 1999. I’ve also been a guest speaker at the University of Colorado’s Sex and Gender Issues class a number of times and facilitated various other men’s groups since 1999, including teaching anger management and tantric sacred sexuality practices. (For more on “Tantric Sacred Sexuality”- see below)
Expressive arts therapy integrates drawing, clay-work, writing, speaking, singing, music and other art forms into my work as a Dance Therapist. All art provides a way to access our creative power, which can then be focused on developing and nurturing desired internal qualities, or processing difficult life experiences. I’ve taught expressive arts therapy in a wide range of settings since 1995, including: adults and teens in private practice and various clinical settings; Autistic adults; Developmentally Disabled children; severely and persistently mentally ill adults (performing at coffee houses); Meditation and Creative Movement classes for children; Embodying the Myths of Iron John and the Holy Grail: Accessing the Deep Masculine and Feminine classes with children, adults and families.
Body-Mind Centering (BMC) uses guided movement re-education and hands-on re-patterning to teach Experiential Anatomy and Developmental Movements. Experiential Anatomy is the ability to directly feel, experience and change the various tissues in our bodies (and consequently change the corresponding psychological issues). Developmental Movements are the movement patterns that children naturally learn, but when stunted can cause life-long problems. BMC is an in-depth and complex system that is used in many different ways. One example of the power of BMC are the studies that show when individuals with dyslexia are taught to crawl in ways they didn’t learn as a child, a majority of the individuals have their symptoms or dyslexia disappear! I studied with international teachers and authors Susan Aposhyan and Mary-Ann Foster for over 4 years before being certified in Body-Mind Systems in 1997. I have facilitated individual BMC bodywork sessions and integrated BMC in my group work since before 1993, including as a Movement Department Instructor at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy from 2003- 2005.
Breathwork is used to access and release tensions in the body, including sometimes releasing corresponding emotional or psychological issues. I have taught classes specifically on breathwork, but currently integrate breathwork into a variety of different groups. I have training in Kundalini Yoga’s Breath of Fire, Body- Mind Centering’s cellular breathing, Network Wellness’ Somato Respiratory Integration, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Qigong’s Microcosmic Orbit and Bhakti Kriya’s pranayama (life-energy control).
Tantric sacred sexuality uses energy practices and techniques to improve health, increase energy level, discharge excessive energy, increase orgasmic pleasure (including female ejaculatory orgasm and male non-ejaculatory orgasm) and more. The right use of sexuality is as the life force that catalyzes, or creates, our true heart’s desires. Many tantra traditions recommend that we hold an intention for what we want to create when-ever we orgasm. I help people work through any obstacle to any part of our life by working through that obstacle solely in the realm of sexuality. I help people discover how sexuality can be a source of healing and transformation in our lives. I have training in Source Tantra from Charles and Caroline Muir, Taoist tantra (Mantak Chia and others) and Native American sacred sexuality (Quoduoshka or Q work).  
Om Healing Circles are a simple form of toning, or singing, circles developed by Swami Vishwananda. There is circle of people facing inward and a circle of people facing outward. Participants sing a rolling “om” sound, creating a healing environment for everyone involved.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of energy psychology, in which a series of quick and easy tapping exercises (on meridian points) have been found to be helpful for different physical, mental and emotional problems (especially anxiety and phobias).  
Total Neural Integration is a bodywork system that connects and integrates the various parts of the body and brain. The positive effects of bodywork tends to stay with the individual longer when the Nervous System is more effectively communicating with the rest of the body. 
Alternative cancer treatments that often have better success rates than traditional treatments are available from practitioners through-out the world. I have visited a couple of the most respected clinics in Mexico and have taught some overviews classes on alternative cancer treatments.  
* All underlined phrases on this page are classes, groups or workshops that I have taught.